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14. Aug. 2021

As a continuation of my article, Turkey does not bluff; what do we do, however? 1 on 28/07/21, I present this article on behalf of Cyclamen 2. I had finished as follows:

For all the above, the point is that the establishment of a broad anti-occupation front is imperative. Beyond political parties. Both the government and the parties are discredited in the eyes of the people. We need a unifying body that includes organizations and individuals who agree on the vision of liberation and popular participation. With relevant details and suggestions I will return with a second relevant article..”

We therefore address ourselves to organizations and individuals who agree on the vision of liberation and popular participation. Normally, just this should unite all Cypriots. Unfortunately, however, the long-term avoidance of the wording of the vision and the compliance that characterizes the majority of the political/party leadership have contributed to the disorientation of the people and the consolidation of pessimism.

Cyclamen has formulated its own vision for a truly viable solution since several years back and seeks 3 “…to join a broad anti-occupation front that would include organizations (not excluding political parties) of the totality of the Cypriot people. We emphasize, therefore, that Turkish Cypriots (t/c) are also welcome in our movement, given that they believe in the liberation of Cyprus from Turkey’s occupation and seek a sustainable(viable) solution to the Cyprus Problem …”.

The recent proclamation/initiative 4 of Dr. Doros Christodoulides (former Member of Parliament) can be a pillar of convolution for this unifying body. The necessary and minimum positions that must be accepted by the participants – in our opinion – are:

  • No sort of segregation based on ethnic/religious criteria will be accepted. Therefore, we exclude “solutions” of the type of partition, two states, Bicommunal Bizonal Federation (BBF) and we prefer a solution of a unitary state

  • The solution should be based on the correction of the existing constitution in order to get rid of any racist/segregating provisions, instead of dissolving the Republic of Cyprus and replacing it with a new formation

  • Riddance of the occupying troops of Turkey

  • Riddance of British military bases

  • No kind of “guarantees” will be accepted

  • All citizens of the RoC should have the right to settle and work in any part of its dominion

  • Settlers and their descendants must return to Turkey – or wherever they wish – at the responsibility and expenses of Turkey

  • There are two aspects of the Cyprus problem, the external and the internal

    • the external aspect ought to be discussed in an international conference with the participation of

      • the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC)

      • the current guarantor powers

      • the European Union and, of course,

      • the Republic of Cyprus

    • the internal aspect ought to be discussed by representatives of the two communities (elected by the local inhabitants)

    • the external aspect, in other words mainly the riddance of the military occupation, to be resolved before the internal one. Otherwise, the negotiations on the internal aspect will not make sense, as is now the case with the successive talks between the “two sides”, which constitute a parody of talks on the internal aspect; whereas the representative of the Turkish Cypriots represents in fact Turkey, thus the role of the latter as an invader is completely overlooked

  • It is necessary the participation in the front (unifying body) not only of representatives of both communities (as defined by the current constitution) but also of the rest of the communities in Cyprus.

We cannot and do not wish to go into the details of defining the strategy for achieving the vision for various reasons. In general, however, this should be based on the proper assessment and utilization of the interests involved in Cyprus, the Middle East and beyond. Guidelines: which of them suits our interests and which oppose Turkey’s expansionist aspirations; but of course what suits the Turkish aspirations. The proper strategy will be derived from their overall consideration; the strategy is possible to change depending on the current interactions and variations of the above interests. In addition, we need the contribution (which we do not have at the moment) of experts on specialized issues, such as defense shielding, economy that strengthens the strategy, etc. It is also necessary to reverse the commonly accepted stance of a defeatism into an attitude of assertiveness and militancy. All aspects of our lives, and especially Education, must aim at this. These strategy issues should be the first topic of discussion of the joint body immediately after its establishment.

The general public, for better or worse, no longer trusts political parties. This does not mean that in such a unifying body they should be excluded. All those who agree in the above positions, whether they are individuals, organizations or parties, will be welcome. Although officially, the positions of the various parties are not identical with the above, we believe that many of their supporters and/or members adopt them. To them we address ourselves, in addition to the large mass of the “tank of abstention”. The latter constitutes more than 40 percent of the electorate and includes all those who either do not vote, vote blank/not valid or are not even registered on the electoral roll. Many scorn them for their stance but we must realize that this stance is the result of the long-term sterile policy of the government every time, not only on the Cyprus issue but also on their economic and social inadequacies.

Speaking from an Ecological or even Cosmological point of view, we consider our planet globally (as a whole) and act locally. And the planet Earth is nothing but the “third rock from the Sun”. The mass of the Sun is over 300 thousand times larger than the mass of the Earth, and this is about 99.99% of the total mass of our Solar System. In other words, as far as our solar system is concerned, we are not even a “rock” but rather a “pebble”. The vast majority of “stars” we see in the night sky are made up of stars (like our Sun) and galaxies. Our galaxy contains over 100 billion stars and has a total mass of more than 1.5 trillion times the mass of our Sun. It is estimated that the Universe contains between 100 and 200 billion galaxies… We therefore, realize that not just the Earth, but our entire solar system is simply a negligible quantity… If nothing else, these findings should consolidate our humbleness: we are not the center of the World! The Earth and the Universe do not belong to us but rather we belong to them. It should dawn upon us that if Cyprus or even the Earth and our entire solar system are lost, the Universe will not “feel” anything …
The question arises whether we like the environment in which we live or not. And if we do, seeing the disasters – mainly due to the human factor – happening,
should we expect some gods or the Universe to do something for us or, on the contrary, should we take action ourselves?

In Cyprus, the greatest ecological problem we face is the violent demographic change brought about by the Turkish military invasion in 1974, even though – with a huge dose of arrogance – they called it “Operation Peace”. Ultimately, the inability to deal with it led to frustration and indifference. We answer then, that we must take action! On all fronts: political, social, economic. Align everything with the vision of LIBERATION (in all its broader meanings).

On behalf of Cyclamen,
Phoebus G. Sparos
Engineering Physicist


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